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Celebrate Earth Day With Recycle More Wisconsin

(STEVENS POINT, WI) – Recycle More Wisconsin, a program of the Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin, is offering residents opportunities to celebrate and promote recycling by taking part in state and nationwide Earth Day campaigns. Starting April 3, residents can take advantage of events and opportunities around the state and online to learn about recycling. These events lead up to Earth Day on Saturday, April 22.

Wisconsin has a proud history of leadership in waste reduction, recycling and environmental protection. AROW is extremely honored to be a part of that legacy at it celebrates Earth Day 2017. “The work that AROW members do every day, ensuring recycling programs runs seamlessly and providing workable strategies to reduce waste, are critical to Gaylord Nelson’s idea that, ‘Every person has the inalienable right to a decent environment,’” stated Melessa Johnson, AROW’s President. “On Earth Day, and every day, AROW asks Wisconsinite’s to strive to reduce waste and recycle more.”

Connect Online

Starting April 3rd, the Recycle More Wisconsin Facebook page will be launching our statewide “Earth Day 2017” campaign by featuring images and facts that encourage individuals to recycle. The campaign will run right up to Earth Day on April 22 and we’ll use the hashtags #EarthDay2017 #RecycleMoreWI. More information is available at Join our campaign by sharing posts and utilizing the hashtags.

Events Around Wisconsin

Events will be happening all around the state to honor Earth Day. Organize your own event and let us know about it or find an event in your area by going to

Events include free tours at the City of Milwaukee/Waukesha County Materials Recovery Facility on April 4th and 20th; a family friendly Earth Day celebration on April 23rd in St. Croix County; a highway cleanup in Dunn County on April 21st; and so much more. Go to our webpage for updated event information. Send an email with your event details to

About Earth Day

Gaylord Nelson, a state Senator who grew up in Northern Wisconsin, founded Earth Day to make people aware of the importance of keeping our planet healthy and clean. The very first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970 and people made promises to help the environment and make positive changes in their communities. More information is available at and


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