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Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin (AROW) Recommend Actions to Improve Glass Recycling

Stevens Point, WI (November 28, 2016) – In an effort to determine viable options for glass recycling, the Glass Taskforce, a dynamic team of public and private industry leaders, convened by AROW, met earlier this year to discuss the challenges and benefits of glass recycling. Both industry and society benefit from the use of recycled glass, however, glass continues to be a challenging commodity to cost-effectively recycle. The Glass Taskforce has completed a report that provides recommendations, along with implementation strategies for market-based, technical strategies and regulatory solutions for glass recycling.

Meleesa Johnson, AROW president, stated, “Successful glass recycling programs remain dependent on strong, diverse markets. As well, they depend on the quality of the glass collected, material recovery facility (MRF) technology, and transportation logistics, along with market supply and demand.”

Currently, Wisconsin’s public and private MRFs produce over 100,000 tons of container glass per year for recycling. While there are benefits from using recycled glass feedstock, including reduced energy consumption and emissions, MRF revenue from the sale of recycled glass typically does not cover the expense of processing and transporting it to a secondary processor or end user. AROW’s Glass Taskforce looked at the wide range of issues, developing a full menu of recommendations aimed at making glass recycling more sustainable now and well into the future.

Implementing the recommendations from the Glass Taskforce will depend on enhanced cooperation among recyclers, regulators, traditional glass smelters and non-traditional users of recycled glass. From recommendations that target technologies to improve glass quality to those that look to recycled glass for septic drainage systems, AROW’s Glass Taskforce focused on reducing waste and recycling more.

To learn more about and read the AROW Glass Taskforce recommendations, please visit


About the Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin (AROW)

Founded in 1990, AROW is a 501(c)(3) association representing Wisconsin’s recycling, waste reduction and sustainability professionals with members from local government, businesses and non-profit groups. The organization provides leadership through education, advocacy, and collaboration and promotes effective, efficient and sustainable material recovery initiatives. For details on AROW, its positions and programs visit

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