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Brown County Residents Urged to Keep Non-Recyclables Off the Curb

(Green Bay, WI) If you’ve ever put a plastic bag or a garden hose in your recycling bin, you need to think twice before doing it again. These items are not recyclable in your curbside bin. The Brown County Resource Recovery Department has recently seen an increase in the number of unacceptable materials at the Recycling Transfer Station.

Common unacceptable curbside recyclables include:

  • Plastic bags (for a list of recycling options, visit

  • Hoses and ropes (this type of garbage can cause damage to recycling equipment)

  • Styrofoam (put in the garbage)

  • Tires (recycle at Waste Transfer Station)

  • Clothing (recycle at local charities or clothing drop boxes)

  • Furniture (recycle by donating to local charities)

  • Electronics and other appliances (recycle at Household Hazardous Waste Facility)

Mark Walter, Resource Recovery Business Manager, said, “We understand that people may not be sure if we recycle these items so they just throw them in the bin. But, it’s easy for residents to find out what materials are accepted in their curbside recycling by calling us or visiting our website. If they have something that we don’t accept at our Recycling Transfer Station, we can point them in the right direction so that they can recycle or dispose of it properly.”

When unacceptable items are thrown into curbside recycling bins, they can cause all sorts of problems in the recycling process. Many of these items can bind up or break down the machinery used to separate the recyclables. The unacceptable materials have to be sorted out and disposed of properly which drives up the cost of recycling programs through extra labor, reduced efficiency and higher disposal costs.

To see a full list of materials accepted at the Recycling Transfer Station, Waste Transfer Station and Household Hazardous Waste Facility, as well as a list of applicable fees, visit

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About Brown County Resource Recovery: The purpose of the Brown County Port & Resource Recovery Department is to meet the solid waste disposal needs of local communities and businesses through methods which are environmentally sound and economical. To learn more, go You can also follow us on Facebook (Brown County Recycling),Twitter (@recyclebrownco), Pinterest (@bcRecycling) and YouTube (Resource Recovery channel).

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