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Reduce & Reuse

We’ve all heard about the 3 R’s but what are ways that we can Reduce and Reuse in every day situations. 


  • Choose products with fewer layers of packaging

  • Choose items in smaller packages like concentrated juice, soup or soap.

  • Buy only the food you’ll eat; shop in your own refrigerator first

  • Keep your old stuff so you need less new stuff.

  • Take good care of your stuff so it lasts.

  • Replace parts, not products (Is it a faster computer you need, or a faster processor?)

  • Enjoy magazines, newspapers and books at the library or online.


Sometimes as much as half the cost of an item pays for packaging.



  • Take unwanted items to a charity or resale shop

  • Bring your own reusable bag, mug and water bottle

  • Reuse containers for leftovers

  • Eat leftovers. Or freeze them to eat later

  • Make double-sided copies and printouts

  • Reuse packing peanuts and bubble wrap

  • Take notes on scrap paper

  • Refill ink and toner cartridges

  • Have a rummage sale

  • Wear hand-me-downs

  • Use cloth napkins

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