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Product Stewardship

AROW promotes the principles of Product Stewardship to shift how products are managed in Wisconsin's communities at the end of their useful lives.  By working together, producers, consumers and government can achieve sustainable solutions.

"Product Stewardship is a product-centered approach to environmental protection that calls on those in the product life cycle - designers, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers - to assume primary responsibility for minimizing the product's environmental impact through all stages of the product's life cycle and for paying the costs of managing the product at the end of its useful life."  Read the full policy here.


AROW Product Stewardship Policy

Our Priorities

AROW believes product stewardship can minimize the product's life-cycle environmental impact by:

  1.  improving the design and manufacture of products and their packaging to facilitate           their reuse, recycling, or recovery and

  2.  establishing programs to collect, process and reuse, recycle or recover products             and their packaging when they are discarded.

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