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AROW is a dynamic group of industry professionals around the state of Wisconsin spanning all aspects of recycling. Consider supporting our current financial campaign to expand the reach of this critical work.


The Advisory Committees are designed to assist the board with projects related to industry topics. The committees are made up of 7 main active members but are open to all members participation. Not all committees are active at all times.  


AROW brings together a dynamic cross section of industry professionals from both private and public sectors, all dedicated to waste reduction, recycling, and product stewardship. An AROW membership benefits you and shows your support for this important work! See what members are up to.

Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin is a 501(c)(3) non-profit association that provides statewide proactive leadership on waste reduction and recycling through education, advocacy, collaboration, programs and services.

The Purpose of AROW is:

  • To serve as a professional-level interface and resource for recyclers, existing and potential market developers, environmental and non-environmental groups, government officials, equipment manufacturers, equipment dealers, and individuals committed to waste reduction, recycling, product stewardship and resource recovery.

  • To provide members professional development opportunities through education, research, and the exchange of ideas, best-management-practices and technical knowledge in all areas of waste reduction, recycling, product stewardship, and resource recovery.

  • To inform the public, law-making bodies, the business community, and those involved with solid waste management of the environmental and economic importance of waste reduction, recycling, product stewardship and resource recovery.