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2020 AROW Fundraising Campaign

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AROW is a dynamic group of industry professionals around the state of Wisconsin spanning all aspects of recycling. Learn more about who we are, what we do, and how you can get involved!

The Advisory Committees are designed to assist the board with projects related to industry topics. The committees are made up of 7 main active members but are open to all members participation. Not all committees are active at all times.  

AROW brings together a dynamic cross section of industry professionals from both private and public sectors, all dedicated to waste reduction, recycling, product stewardship and sustainability in Wisconsin.  AROW membership benefits YOU and shows your support!

Get Involved. Join a Committee.

We host discussion groups for all of the above topic areas.
Our committees use them but they are also a great way for AROW Members to be able to connect with colleagues around the state and ask pertinent questions within the industry.

Emerging Leaders

Our Emerging Leaders Program is designed for young working professionals and university students interested in reducing waste, recycling more and being a part of Wisconsin’s waste resource management industry.

As with many industries, the “graying” of the waste resource management industry has veteran professionals looking to ways to cultivate the next generation of professionals. We feel that the Emerging Leaders Program will not only serve to bring new energy to the industry, but more importantly, will provide opportunities for young people wishing to embark upon a rewarding career in recycling, waste reduction and sustainable materials management.

Key points of the Emerging Leaders Program:

  • Greatly reduced Membership Fee (if applicable)

  • A mentoring program-partnering Emerging Leaders with experienced professionals

  • A designated listserve that connects all Emerging Leaders

  • Ability for Emerging Leaders to participate in all AROW advisory committees

  • Possible social & professional development activities


For more details about the program click here.

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