AROW Membership

AROW brings together a dynamic cross section of industry professionals from both private and public sectors, all dedicated to waste reduction, recycling, product stewardship and sustainability in Wisconsin.  AROW membership benefits YOU and shows your support!

  • Gain access to our Members-Only section of the website, featuring shared resources, membership contact information, educational materials and more!

  • Participate in online topic-driven Discussion Groups that address questions and/or share information ranging from bid proposals, local ordinances, policy issues, educational campaigns, and more.

  • Guide and advance AROW's initiatives through participation with our Advisory Committees: Community Education, Organics & Food Residuals, Product Stewardship, Public Place Recycling, Government Affairs, and Hazardous & Special Waste.

  • Help influence state-wide resource management legislation and/or policies.

  • Gain access to statewide educational campaigns and resources.

  • Build important contacts through strategic networking opportunities.

  • Receive recognition as an AROW Member with customers, colleagues, media, and policy makers. 

  • Receive recognition as an AROW Member supporting Recycle More Wisconsin in the Support section of the website. Click here to view.

  • County, City, Town, Village Members will receive a listing in the "Local Recycling Information" section on Recycle More Wisconsin.


AROW Membership Levels


NEW! Our annual memberships are now based on your join or renewal date, rather than on a calendar year. You may join at any time!

For any membership system questions, please contact Karin Sieg, AROW Executive Director at: (or) 715-343-0722 .

Membership Packages

GROUP packages are for one primary member and additional associates, and are completed within one transaction during this process.  

GROUP: Sustaining (up to 9 members)                

  • Business/Trade Association - $770

  • Government/Non-Profit/Institution - $645


GROUP: Greening (up to 7 members)                 

  • Business/Trade Association - $635

  • Government/Non-Profit/Institution - $530


GROUP: Supporting (up to 5 members)              

  • Business/Trade Association - $520

  • Government/Non-Profit/Institution - $385

Membership Packages

SINGLE options are for individual memberships and are completed through individual transactions during this process. 

SINGLE: Professional                

  • Business/Trade Association - $300

  • Government/Non-Profit/Institution - $170


SINGLE: Associate           

  • All Associates - $70

  • Associate Memberships do not include voting rights.

  • Associate memberships can be purchased in addition to any GROUP package or a SINGLE Professional.


SINGLE: Emerging Leader - Professional              

  • Year 1 - $50

  • Year 2 - $75

  • Year 3 - $100

  • Qualifications: Age 35 and younger; working in the industry. Tiered rates are only for first 3 years of professional career (not first 3 years as an AROW member). 

  • Learn more about our EL Program HERE.

SINGLE: Student 

  • All Students - FREE! 

  • Qualifications: Full time student attending a higher educational institution, Must provide copy of current transcript to show eligibility. Does not include voting rights.

SINGLE: Private Citizen

  • $120

  • Private Citizen memberships are recognized as the individual person, with no reference to their employer or personal business.

SINGLE: Recycler Emeritus

  • $55

  • Individual must have been an AROW member for at least 5 years and be retired from the recycling/solid waste industry.


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