Celebrate Earth Day with Recycle More Wisconsin

(STEVENS POINT, WI) – Recycle More Wisconsin, a program of the Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin (AROW), is offering residents opportunities to celebrate and promote recycling by taking part in local, state and nationwide campaigns, starting April 1st. Residents are encouraged to participate and take advantage of local celebration events and online opportunities to learn about recycling. These activities celebrate Earth Day which is on April 22.

“Earth Day is an opportunity to remind residents about the environmental and economic benefits of recycling,” said AROW President Meleesa Johnson. “Not only does recycling conserve natural resources, it provides tax relief and job growth in Wisconsin.”

Participate in our Online Campaign

Each day starting April 1 leading up to April 22, many community recycling programs around Wisconsin will be joining Recycle More Wisconsin on their social media outlets to help spread our “Earth Day 2018” campaign message. The campaign highlights how every bottle, can, or box that our residents recycle adds up to huge environmental, social, and economic benefits for our community. Search #EarthDay2018 on social media to follow this campaign. To get more involved and participate go to Recycle More Wisconsin Facebook and @RecycleMoreWI Twitter and like and share our posts. Promote recycling to your friends and family. Visit www.recyclemorewisconsin.org for more information.

About Earth Day

The very first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970 to make people aware of the importance of keeping our planet healthy and clean. On Earth Day, people made promises to help the environment and make positive changes in their community. More information is available at www.earthday.org.


About the Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin (AROW) and Recycle More Wisconsin (RMW)

Founded in 1990, AROW is a 501(c)(3) association representing Wisconsin’s recycling, waste reduction and sustainability professionals with members from local government, businesses and non-profit groups. The organization provides leadership through education, advocacy, and collaboration and promotes effective, efficient and sustainable material recovery initiatives. For details on AROW, its positions and programs visit www.arow-online.org.

Recycle More Wisconsin, a program of AROW, aims to bring together communities across Wisconsin to prevent valuable recyclables from going to waste in our landfills. To achieve this goal, we are providing education on the benefits of recycling and the opportunities to recycle at home, work, school, and all public places. For details on RMW visit www.recyclemorewisconsin.org.

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