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Nearly 225 million pounds recycled through first seven program years

The E-Cycle Wisconsin 2016 annual report is now available on our website. During the most recent program year (July 2015 to June 2016), E-Cycle Wisconsin collectors received 32,4 million pounds of eligible electronics from Wisconsin households and schools, or 5.6 pounds per state resident. Between January 2010, when E-Cycle Wisconsin began, and June 2016, the program collected nearly 225 million pounds of electronics for recycling.

Results of a 2016 statewide household survey conducted by the Department of Natural Resources show that few residents are putting TVs, computers or cell phones in the trash. While many state residents are storing unused electronics in their homes, most that did dispose of old devices recycled them or returned them to retailers. The survey also showed that more Wisconsin residents in 2016 knew where to take electronics for recycling than in 2013.

The program is still facing many challenges, including higher costs for consumers to recycle electronics and fewer registered collection sites around the state. The report makes several recommendations for adjustments to improve E-Cycle Wisconsin.

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