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AROW Committees

The Advisory Committees assist the board with projects related to a wide variety of topics to serve AROW members.  The committees are open to all members and welcome participation. Not all committees are active at all times. Contact a committee chair to learn more. about how you can get involved.


Communications, Marketing & Education

AROW focuses on developing and coordinating consistent recycling and waste reduction messages for the public as well as education resources and tools for members. The organization's statewide reach, in conjunction with state and local partners, ensures a comprehensive impact in Wisconsin.

AROW's Communications, Marketing & Education priorities are:

  • Consistent media messages, education and public relations templates, communication plans, and online resources for members and AROW's strategic partners to implement locally.

  • A central repository and clearinghouse for already established education and outreach materials as well as guidance about development and implementation of best practices.

  • Training and professional development opportunities for industry educators.

Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leaders Program is for young working professionals and university students interested in being a part of Wisconsin’s waste resource management industry. Learn more about the Emerging Leader Membership and Program.

As with many industries, the “graying” of the waste resource management industry has veteran professionals looking to ways to cultivate the next generation of professionals. The Emerging Leaders Program will bring new energy to the industry, and more importantly, provide opportunities for young people wishing to embark upon a rewarding career in recycling, waste reduction and sustainable materials management.

Key points of the Emerging Leaders Program:

  • Greatly reduced Membership Fee (if applicable)

  • A mentoring program-partnering Emerging Leaders with experienced professionals

  • A designated listserve that connects all Emerging Leaders

  • Ability for Emerging Leaders to participate in all AROW advisory committees

  • Committee meetings with professional development and social networking components

Hazardous & Special Waste

AROW works to decrease the amount of improperly managed hazardous and special wastes in Wisconsin by promoting reduction, reuse and recycling. These efforts contribute to environmental protection and natural resource preservation throughout the state.


AROW's Hazardous and Special Waste priorities are:

  • Creating awareness about hazardous and special wastes;

  • Connecting with groups conducting hazardous or special waste research;

  • Evaluating legislative issues that may impact the management of hazardous and special waste;

  • Monitoring potential funding opportunities for management of hazardous and special waste

Mission & Goals - The Hazardous & Special Waste Committee is a platform to discuss and research operational, budget, safety and resource recovery issues associated with managing hazardous, universal, and special waste collection programs.  This committee looks to address these topics and more as they benefit the AROW member community. 

Organics Reduction & Composting

AROW's Organics and Compositing Committee, made up of AROW members, advises and guides the organization's organics and composting programming and collaborates on:

  • Creating awareness about the value of organics;

  • Collaborating with groups, businesses and agencies to promote the use and diversion of organics;

  • Evaluating legislative issues that may impact the management of compost and the additional diversion of organics from landfills in Wisconsin.

Product Stewardship

AROW promotes the principles of Product Stewardship to shift how products are managed in Wisconsin's communities at the end of their useful lives. By working together, producers, consumers and government can achieve sustainable solutions.

Product stewardship is a product-centered approach to environmental protection that calls on those in the product life cycle - designers, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers - to assume primary responsibility for minimizing the product's environmental impact through all stages of the product's life cycle and for paying the costs of managing the product at the end of its useful life. Learn more about Product Stewardship on our webpage


AROW's Product Stewardship priorities are:

  • To influence and support current product stewardship initiatives and legislation

  • Develop framework product stewardship policy for AROW

  • Educate members and their superiors regarding product stewardship initiatives

  • Identify/shape product stewardship legislative priorities for WI


The Membership Committee works in concert with all other Advisory Committees and the Board of Directors to meet the needs of all AROW members. This includes providing members the tools and information they need to succeed in their professional careers and this organization. The committee seeks member input for continuous improvement suggestions and engages appropriate AROW committees and the Board to meet those identified opportunities.

AROW's Membership Committee priorities are:

  • Membership communication through newsletters and LinkedIn

  • Lunch N Learn professional development opportunities

  • Annual membership surveys

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