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Working Together to Help Everyone 




Recycling is changing and we know that with change can come confusion. We want to help you to be the best recycler you can be and to feel good about recycling right!

Understanding what happens to your recyclables helps you remember what to do with them when you're done with them. It's time to think beyond the bin.

If you are looking for resources and more ways to up your waste reduction game then you've come to the right place.

Ready, set, DO MORE!


Recycling is good for both the environment and the economy. It saves energy, conserves resources, prevents pollution, creates jobs, and among everything else, it's the law.

Recycling happens in all Wisconsin communities, but each program is slightly different than the next. 

Learn the basics that ALL recycling programs follow and then find specific guidelines to “Recycle Right” in your local program.

Includes a link to find your local recycling authority.

Do you know where recyclables go after they are picked up at the curb or drop off site? 


Recycle Right Wisconsin, a program of the Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin, aims to bring together communities across Wisconsin to prevent valuable recyclables from going to waste in our landfills. To achieve this goal we are providing education on the benefits of recycling and the opportunities to recycle at home, work, school, and all public places.

Recycling in Action

Watch this 3 minute video, from  our friends at Waukesha County Recycles, showing the recycling process from curbside to  sorting to ending at the manufacturers where it will be turned in to new products.


Beyond the Bin

Every Wisconsin community recycles paper, cans and bottles but here we want to talk about the items you cannot recycle in your curbside bin or maybe even at your drop off location. These items have special instructions and have special collection locations.


To learn more about Wisconsin's basic recycling guidelines per our Recycling Law click here.

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