Learn About Landfills

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Amanda Haffele, Dunn County Recycling Specialist, put together a very nice series of articles in her recent “Recycling Tidbits” that informs us about landfills and garbage.  There are so many myths and misinformation out there about landfills that it is good to keep yourself informed and knowledgeable. We all produce garbage. Every day.  So it is each of our responsibilities to understand where that garbage goes, how it is handled, and where it ends up.  Just because you throw it away doesn’t mean it goes away, it just...

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Taking the Trash Out of Camp Randall

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Sept. 2, 2014 | by Jill Sakai Badger fans visiting Camp Randall for the Sept. 6 home opener against Western Illinois will notice something missing from the stadium: trash cans. Camp Randall is now a “zero-waste” stadium, meaning that waste is recycled or composted rather than sent to the landfill. Instead of trash bins, visitors will now find labeled bins for recyclable and compostable materials. UW Athletics worked with the waste and recycling unit of UW Physical Plant to ensure that items sold at the concession stands can be composted or...

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Waukesha County Recycling: In the Community

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Waukesha, WI – A free reuse event will be held at the Green Design Center located in Waukesha at 2201 Badger Court on Friday, August 22 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. and on Saturday, August 23 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Waukesha County recycling office will be in attendance on Friday, August 22 hosting an outreach booth to answer recycling questions and provide informational brochures. This reuse event was put together by American Society of Interior Design in partnership with The Green Design Center and Non-Toxic Environments. Excess design...

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Tailgating Tips for Waste Reduction

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MADISON – The summer tailgating season is officially here and with it the Department of Natural Resources is providing tips on how to reduce waste at games, parties and other cookouts. “A game day celebration by the grill is even better without litter or waste,” says Cynthia Moore, DNR recycling program coordinator. “Whatever your team’s colors, you can take a few simple steps to make sure your tailgate remains green.” Tailgaters, says Moore, can reduce waste by purchasing drinks and snacks in bulk without...

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New Statewide Recycle Bin Pilot Helps Sheboygan County Fair Park Ups Its Recycling Efforts

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Sheboygan County Fair Park will boost its recycling efforts by encouraging visitors to recycle their plastic bottles and containers in repurposed 55-gallon soft drink syrup barrels. The low-cost recycling bins are being made available through an innovative partnership between the Wisconsin Beverage Association, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Wisconsin Council on Recycling and Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin. In response to a 2012 study finding that an estimated $64 million worth of recyclable plastic ends up in Wisconsin...

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Stop flushing pills down the toilet

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Earlier this year, Democrats and Republicans joined to pass a spate of bills aimed at fighting Wisconsin’s heroin epidemic. The legislation included a provision that would require all ambulances to be equipped with drugs to treat overdoses as well as one that would grant immunity to those who report overdoses. A lesser-known bill pushed as part of the package by both anti-drug forces and environmental activists tries to get people to properly dispose of unused pharmaceuticals. The bill targets a problem encountered by anyone with excess...

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Waukesha County Electronics and Appliance Recycling Changes at Drop-off Sites

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Waukesha, WI – Effective July 1, 2014, all Waukesha County municipal drop-off sites have a new vendor for residential electronics and appliance recycling. Due to this change, sites are no longer accepting coolant-type appliances (dehumidifiers, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, etc.). Waukesha County residents can view the most accurate information regarding items accepted and site details at and then click on Drop-off Sites. Resident can always take electronics to one of these free retail outlets...

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Motor Oil, Oil Filters and Antifreeze Recycling at Waukesha County Municipal Recycling Drop-off Sites

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Waukesha, WI – Summertime chores often find Waukesha County residents changing oil in snow blowers, lawn mower and their vehicles. As a service to residents, summertime hours are available to the public for the following 18 municipal drop-off sites to recycle waste motor oil and oil filters as well as 13 of these municipal drop-off sites to recycle antifreeze (proof of residency required): *Accepts from any Waukesha County Resident In 2013, Waukesha County residents recycled 343.4 tons of waste oil, 17.3 tons of oil filters, and 26.9 tons...

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CARTON RECYCLING ACCESS REACHES MOMENTOUS 50 PERCENT MILESTONE Half of all U.S. households now have access to carton recycling

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VERNON HILLS, Ill.—The Carton Council of North America is proud to announce that fifty percent of U.S. households can now recycle cartons through curbside and other local recycling programs. This celebratory milestone represents the tremendous industry-led effort made possible by the support of countless recycling, packaging, municipal and sustainability stakeholders. “This milestone was achieved through industry collaboration and is the result of successful private-public partnerships,” said Jason Pelz, vice president of recycling...

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This Awesome Campaign Takes the Confusion out of Recycling

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Nobody likes to think about trash. We can go all day without giving a single thought to the 4.3-pound detritus—that’s the average amount of waste a person generates in 24 hours—we toss into bins and receptacles that magically empty out the next morning or the next week. This has piled up into a problem we can’t ignore, so Mitch Hedlund is working to make recycling simpler and more intuitive. “We want to get to the point where people know what to do when they walk up to bins without having to take the time to think about it,”...

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